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Dishwasher Tips and Facts You May Not Know

There are always tips on appliances to get the most out of them but they are not always readily available. Here we will discuss some of the uncommon tips as well as the common but must do maintenance for all types. Here we use Asea dishwasher parts as an example. 

Why you Should Run your Asea Dishwasher at Night:

If you live in a humid climate you have your air conditioning on full-blast in the day time. Humidity is needed to get dishes dry but—if you wait and run the dishwasher at night after the humidity wears down—you may not have to run the A/C so much to balance the humidity that the Asea dishwasher is pushing into the air.

Reduce the Noise Pollution in the House:

When you run the dishwasher at night, it lends to the noise in the home and can really disrupt a peaceful atmosphere. The newer models are made quieter but still have a buzzing or humming sound. It may actually be the white noise you need to sleep at night.

A Post Midnight Dish Washing Session will Save you Money:

When you wash your dishes in the daytime either after breakfast time or after lunch time—the rates in most places are higher. Do your dish washing at night and you will certainly see a difference in your utility bill.

What Causes the White Residue on Dishes and what to do about it:

Some people have reported that their Asea dishwasher parts may be leaving a white residue on the dishes and this was a common problem. Commonly this is caused by not having enough water pressure in the rinse cycle for the finisher and sometimes it is the amount of soap being used. It is more likely to be the first example. One myth is that it happens when the dishwasher is a cheaper brand. This has not one thing to do with it. Asea is not necessarily a cheap brand and this issue has happened with brands like Kenmore as well so this is a functional issue and not an issue with the model. The repair man will only cost you money and offer no solution. Make sure you are getting enough rinse water to the machine in the first place. Don't spend money replacing anything for this issue unless the spray arm is old or warn. You also do not have to purchase the water softener. This is a common possible solution that is suggested by repair companies and that generally also does no good.


  1. Most Common and Horrifying Issue with a Dishwasher:

One of the most common issues with a dishwasher is the sound it makes when you turn it on—especially when that sound is nothing! This does not have to be an irreparable situation though. Just check the flow cup to see if it is in the right position. The flow cup is at the bottom of the tank. If it is in the wrong the position—the dishwasher will think it is full and guess what? It wont run the water.

These are just some of the common and the not commonly known issues with dishwasher.