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The Most Common Dishwasher Repairs

Here we will cover a couple of the most common dishwasher repairs. As we always say—it is better to replace the part rather than the entire dishwasher if it is a common part. Here we will teach you about the most common parts and how to deal with them as they succumb to wear and tear.

Two Common Parts:

Two of the most common parts that break are the spray arm and the spray arm mount. These are two parts that must stay in tact or the spray arm will not work and the dishwasher is rendered useless. Make sure you have some silicone foam in order to get a snug fit once you buy the part. As we also say—make sure you never get a part like this out of another appliance. For example, if you have JennAir dishwasher parts, then you need to find JennAir dishwasher parts.

What Causes a Spray Arm and Valve to Break?

As with most dishwasher parts, a spray arm will crack from corrosion or clog over time. They generally last pretty long but almost always need to be replaced at least once during the overall life of the dishwasher. There are both upper and lower spray arms that can break at any time. So, if you need to replace them, you may want to actually bring the old parts in along with the model number of the dishwasher. This is in case the part number is no longer readable on the blades. Then, after fitting, apply the silicone foam to any gaps you may find to ensure a secure fit.

How to Properly Maintain your Spray Arm:

As we said, the spray arm is a part which will break due to clogs or corrosion. Simple and proper maintenance will ensure that you are able to extend the life of your spray arm. The most important thing for both the life of the spray arm and the other delicate parts of the dishwasher is keeping the drain clean is imperative.  The less it clogs the better. One of the best things you can do for maintenance is make sure the dishes are scraped clean and rinsed prior to placing them in the dishwasher. It may seem illogical to wash dishes before hand but the dishwasher actually washes them far better and sterilizes them better than hand washing.

It is best practice to bring the part with you to the parts store and the model number if you are not used to this type of maintenance. If you haven't repaired an appliance before—don't let that scare you into paying premiums for repair men. With the part in hand and a knowledgeable staff to guide you through the few steps it takes to replace a part like this—it won't be a hassle at all.